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Hoi An Beaches

Hoi An has about 10km of beautiful white sandy beach along the coastline that covers some public beaches. It is hard to define which one of these is the best beach as it depends on what you’re looking for. To help you get acquainted, we have put some information together for you to check out before planning your trip to Hoi An.


An Bang Beach, Hoi An

Distance: 5km from downtown Hoi An

How to get there: bicycle, motor-bike, taxi.

This relatively unspoiled 4-km stretch of sandy white shoreline is a welcoming sight with the rugged outline of the far-off Cham Islands being the only thing to disrupt the seascape. In the aftermath of serious erosion that swept away the neighboring Cua Dai beach, both tourists and locals were left to contend with one sole option: An Bang. But in spite of the loss, the beach scene is on the up and up as the migration to one marked spot has brought on a wave of new life to An Bang. Today, rows of thatched umbrellas perched above padded reclining loungers now share the terrain with a slew of hippy Western-managed bars out to sell “laid back vibes” by way of a pina colada. And if you need the quality assurance of a major news outlet, CNN included An Bang on their 2016 list of the Top 100 Best Beaches in the world.

An Bang Beach

Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Distance: 4km from downtown Hoi An

How to get there: bicycle, motor-bike, taxi.

This beach is the definition of Hoi An Beach as a lot of locals come here for swimming in early morning and late afternoon. It is much less touristic than An Bang beach as there is no fancy bar nor restaurant. As with most Vietnamese beaches, Cua Dai has its fair share of commercialism. Deck chairs, parasols, life-belts or plastic or rattan mats can be hired, and there is no shortage of food and drink vendors Cua Dai's waters are plentiful with sea life, making fishing a popular form of entertainment for tourists. If you like to see fishes, bring your swimming glasses or snorkeling mask.

Cua Dai Beach

Ha My Beach, Hoi An

Distance: 7km from downtown Hoi An

How to get there: bicycle, motor-bike, taxi.

Ha My Beach is located in the town of Dien Ban in the province of Quang Nam, 7km from Hoi An and 4km to the North from An Bang beach. Not so well known as many other beaches in the central region of Vietnam, but Ha My is attractive with its own pristine, white sandy scenery, gentle waves and clear blue water. As is far from becoming a tourist spot because of the location. Even though it is not lively as elsewhere it has been added to the list of the most beautiful beach in Asia by the Tourism page of Telegraph (United Kingdom) . Only few locals go swimming here in the early morning and late afternoon.

An Villa is situated right on the river between Cua Dai Beach and Old Town, which is 1.5km away from Cua Dai beach, and 4.5km to An Bang beach. Both are easy to access by bicycle, scooter or taxi.

Ha My Beach

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