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At An Villa, we pursue a healthy lifestyle, learn to live in harmony with nature & other living creatures.
We believe that the ultimate source of happiness is not money or material things but the beautiful human qualities that are recognized and cultivated.

For us, we CARE ...

We Care About Children

Hoi An is a small peaceful town and a bit laid back than the more popular cities of Hanoi and Saigon. Children here lack opportunities to access good education and outdoor activities.

And thus, we want to give back to the area we call home by creating playgrounds for kids with the hope of helping them be more familiar with foreign languages, more creative and freer to express their feeling and emotions. We organize or provide funding for English classes, Art classes, swimming classes, reading days, etc.

We Care About Community

Being a co-founder of Dana Connect, a connector between people in need of material & financial support with benefactors willing to give away things and help in various ways.

Dana Connect wishes to encourage and create an opportunity for generosity and loving-kindness in the givers and relief as well as joyful gratitude in the receivers.

Dana Connect functions as an on-site shop where people can come to drop off and collect donated stuff for free and a playground for kids to learn about recycling & upcycling, English & extra activities besides school time.

We Care About Green Design
  • The architecture and design are inspired by regional conditions and tradition, taking advantage of natural lights and reducing the warm heat by planting trees.
  • Eco-friendly building materials are used, such as quicklime for painting the wall, cement tile floor, cement floor, wood, bamboo & local nipa- palm leaves; old wood and furniture are also recycled & upcycled.
We Care About Our Guests

We use eco-friendly products such as refillable shampoo and shower gel, dental tabs for brushing teeth, and handmade soaps.

In each room, we provide glass water bottles, tea and pure ground coffee that can be refilled, so no plastic bottles or packages are released into the environment.

We love how our guests are delighted to integrate into these environmental responsibilities.

We Care About Earth & Energy
  • Compost from organic waste to be used for our gardens, and food leftovers are for local people to feed livestock.
  • Reducing harmful chemicals in cleaning and hygiene by making homemade cleaners from fruit peels.
  • Minimizing plastic waste and plastic bags use.
  • Using solar panels for hot water and energy-saving bulbs.
  • Installing aerators and flow restrictors to reduce the water flow rate and take advantage of grey water when possible.
We Care About Animals & Wildlife
  • Do not destroy or damage wildlife habitat.
  • Commit not to hunt, trap or consume wild animals.

For more info, contact +84-911-48-17-55 (07:00 - 20:00 VN time)

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