Mum's Kitchen

Enjoying meals together is one of the most significant activities in Vietnamese traditional culture. Meal time is when friends and family gather, share and appreciate another day of gifts from the soil, mountain, river and sea.

With the balance between fresh herbs and meats or seafood, and a selective use of spices to reach the finest taste, Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. Our Mum’s kitchen’s recipes were passed down from our grandmothers, to our mums, to our sisters, us and now to you. Each dish is prepared with hand-picked vegetables from our garden and locally-sourced ingredients. Through Mum’s kitchen, we wish to connect our guests to Vietnam’s distinctive gastronomic culture.

We encourage you to savor these special moments with us, or share with us your cooking experience from your own family history. We cater to both meat lovers and vegetarian diets. During your stay, this is your home too. You are welcome to join us to explore local markets, learn our recipes and share with us your love of cooking.