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Homemade Drinks

Regarding our philosophy of being close to nature, we would like our guests to try our unique way of flavoring the water naturally. Let’s our creative bartenders freshen up your day by wonderfully tropical combinations which are not only pleasant to your eyes, conquering your thirst but also great for your health. This region of Vietnam is best known for tropical herbs and spices especially cinnamon. Our homemade sugar syrup with a hint of cinnamon and anise makes the common lemonade special.

As most of our team are from Hanoi, sometimes we get home-sick. Therefore we figured out how to reserve Hanoi in some jars for nostalgia. This wooden shelf is also one of An villa’s secrets which intrigued people’s curiosity.

If you happen to be the guests at An villa in the upcoming time, share with us how you like to flavor your water at home as we are welcoming all interesting ideas. If we think it’s suitable for An, we would love to ask you for the recipe and name the drink after you.

Let’s take life naturally at An villa.

Reservations +84-911-48-17-55

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